Anyone can wine and dine; it takes a real connoiseur to distinguish high quality food, wine, and hospitality anywhere in the world.

Katya Addams ​

Katya Addams

Katya was born in Russia but moved to the United States with her parents when she was four. Ever since she was allowed to travel on her own, she’s been visiting to her home country and the rest of Europe at least once a year.

Growing up in a family that appreciated wine and drunk it occasionally, she knows how to taste good wine with just one sip. She considers herself very frugal, but won’t hesitate to splurge her savings on expensive wine and perfumes.

Benedict Marlowe ​

Benedict Marlowe

His family owns half the shares of a small wine company, and he’s been working for the business ever since he was young. While his sister runs the business side of things and his brother runs production, he runs quality control and works less inside the office and more in the vineyards of their land.

He lives in a country home with his wife and four children. When he’s not working on the wine vineyard, he’s tending to his own vineyard in his home or reading up on foreign cuisine.

Natasha Simone

Natasha Simone

Natasha studied in the culinary arts in Italy and traveled Europe for a few years before returning home. She’s currently working as a line cook in a high-end restaurant to gain experience, but in her mind, she’s already imagining what her own restaurant would look like.

Natasha has been a fan of food and traveling. She sees how cuisine differs and how it reflects their culture, and she wants to put that, if not into words, in the way she makes her dishes.

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